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MIST, an urban fantasy set in Paris, is currently out on submission.

MIST tells the story of sixteen-year-old Deirdre Walsh who owes her preternatural health and endurance to a magical stone that once belonged to the Faeries of Ireland. When her grandfather, the current stone keeper, goes missing, Deirdre's search for him takes her into a world where myth meets reality. If the stone falls back into the hands of Faeries, it means the end of freedom for mankind. Deirdre must learn to wield her connection to the stone not only to save the people she loves, but the entire human race.


Anaël Spencer has never been away from home. She’s never ridden a winged horse and doesn’t know she is descended from a long line of witches. But all this is about to change when a mysterious bird is sighted above her home and her mother falls inexplicably ill. Anaël soon discovers that she is next in line to ascend the throne of a nearby kingdom, and that Isidora of Roazhon, the aunt she thought dead, will stop at nothing to ensure she never does. Just as Anaël falls in love with Kai, the blacksmith’s son, she and her brother, Aidan, must leave their home and seek protection with the Count of Garabit at his remote castle. There, Anaël encounters faeries, dwarves, shape-shifters, and the dark and troubled Melyon who develops an instant fascination with her. Anaël must decide whom to trust among those claiming to help her as she fights to save herself—and her family—from the clutches of evil…with nothing but cleverness, a sword, and a white rose.

It’s been a few weeks since Melyon narrowly saved Anaël’s life by dealing Isidora a fatal blow. Yet, Isidora’s spirit endures, plotting Anaël’s demise from the grave. To make matters worse, Kai falls in love with his childhood friend, Lahna, and leaves town with her without notice. A brokenhearted Anaël learns that they’ve gone to The Castle of Glass, a palace Isidora had built under the sea, with the intention of luring Anaël in. When Anaël’s sword shows her Kai bleeding and chained to a wall, Anaël sets aside her feelings and goes searching for him. What she is not prepared for is the unspeakable danger that awaits her, the creatures of the deep poised to ambush her, and the dark, power-hungry faerie, Gwyllean, who intends to use Anaël as a pawn in her evil plots. With help from her deceased ancestors Anaël must rely on her instincts, struggle with her emerging magical powers, and decide to whom she’ll give her heart.

After yet another massive defeat—Anaël is alive and The Castle of Glass destroyed— Isidora’s weakened spirit rises again and continues its hunt for Anaël. To complicate matters, Melyon confesses his love to Anaël (now 15 1/2), but when she does not return his feelings, he turns on the boy Anaël loves, Kai, and curses him to spend every night of his life as a bat, the very creature that Anaël abhors. To lift the curse, they must journey to the eastern mountains where warlocks hold the secret to reversing such magic. There, Anaël discovers that the warlocks have been held under Isidora’s power and cannot release their secret unless the thorn of a rose is stolen from a shrine Isidora built deep iN inside the mountain—the same thorn that will help Kai retain his human form. To steal the thorn means to weaken Isidora’s spirit further, but can Anaël conquer the deadly forces set to protect it? To get Kai back she will have to risk everything, even falling into Isidora’s most devious trap yet.

Times are dark and Isidora’s malice has finally infiltrated the kingdoms. A land-wide rebellion sets in, and Anaël must move to Roazhon to appease the people, who yearn to see a rightful sovereign at its helm. There, Anaël (now 17) stumbles across her mother’s diary and uncovers Roswen’s mysterious past. If Anaël can solve the clues her mother left behind, she has a chance of defeating Isidora forever. But she must act swiftly before a war erupts—a war led by forces so evil that it will decimate the land and its people. To secure peace with other kingdoms, alliances must be forged and Anaël is told she must marry a foreign prince, though her heart belongs to Kai. Racing against time and fighting for the future of her kingdom—and for the love of her life—Anaël embarks on a final quest, facing the worst of Isidora’s malevolence yet, while keeping at bay a horde of eager princes.

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