Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Feeding the Muse

Someone recently asked whether I write when I travel. I do not, unless you count my daily Facebook posts. Traveling for me is a time to replenish the stores of my imagination. And so I snap shots. Here are a few little nuggets of gold I snatched a few weeks ago while in France and gave my muse to nibble on....

                                                       Point Zero in front of Notre Dame
                                                       a.k.a. portal to another dimension.

                                                    Evil is rampant on the streets of Paris,
                                  hence the army of gargoyles on the walls of Notre Dame.

                                                              If you look carefully,
                                                         you might glimpse Rapunzel
                                                  about to lower her braid to the ground.

                                             Oh look, a messenger from the Underworld!

                                                            A cauldron at the window?
                                    Move along before the witch turns you into something unnatural.

                                                      Should you pass under that bridge,
                                                   you might well give out your last sigh.

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